FAST are delighted to be able to provide a training partnership with Sri Lanka. 

The relationship between FAST and Sri Lanka began in January 2005 after the devastating tsunami. Liz Staveley (former co-owner of FAST) was asked by Johanniter, a German humanitarian aid organisation, to develop a Train the Trainer and a First Aid programme. These programmes ran for 2 years during which over one hundred Sri Lankans achieved first aid and trainer skills. Some were able to meet the requirements for Emergency Medical Technicians and were able to secure jobs in these roles. One of the EMT’s now runs his own ambulance service in Sri Lanka.

Some of the Sri Lankan trainers worked together to set up their own first aid training organisation with FAST (UK) as their parent body. FAST (UK) has provided all the training equipment they required to set up their training organisation and continues to support and mentor FAST, Sri Lanka